What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is composed of mineral aggregates compacted into place and held together by petrolem-based asphalt cement, which acts as a glue or binder. A fine, cost-effective product, but not maintenance-free.

How do I choose an applicator company?

Reputable contractors use quality materials, provide quality workmanship and are proud of their work. Ask them for a list of their customers so that you can check references.

Why does asphalt need to be sealed?

Sealers will protect asphalt from petroleum spills of fuel, oil and solvents, which attack the pavement and seep deep beneath the surface, softening the asphalt and reducing adhesion. They will also protect against the sun and rain, which cause oxidation that can lead to raveling, cracks and even potholes.

Why aren’t roads and highways sealed?

Unlike parking lots and driveways, highways are constantly re-compacted by continuous traffic. Further, highways are not subject to the continuous attack of petroleum derivatives in specific spots or patterns.

What is asphalt sealer made of?

Brewer Cote is made of a blend of high-grade ball clays, water, refined coal tar and proprietary emulsifier milled into a coal tar emulsion to generate a paint-like coating which insulates the petroleum-based asphalt from potential petroleum spillage and reduces the normal aging cycle of the asphalt.